Seeds Daisy Pompom Mix


  • All our seeds are Non-GMO and organic.
  • The seed stock was grown up in the fertile Ukrainian soil in clean ECOLOGICAL AREA’S.
  • Each package of seeds is provided with detailed planting instructions.
  • All seeds are professionally packed and labeled. The seeds are certified by the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.


Perennial plant, height 4′-8 ‘(10-20 cm). It is grown as a biennial. Inflorescences single, pompous, diameter 1’-2 ‘(2-5 cm), white, pink and red colors. 
Seeds are sown for seedlings in May-June, replanted in the fall. The abundant flowering begins next year and lasts from May to September. It grows well in sunny places and in partial shade. 
Used for decorating balconies, terraces, flower beds and lawns.

Package includes: 0.16oz (about 500 seeds)