Instructions how to grow Seeds Mushroom Podosinovik Boletus Mycelium

Bookmark mushroom “patches” with the Boletus can be done from mid-may to September (in warmer regions since the beginning of may).

The preparation of compost.
On a polyethylene film or roofing material, spread on the ground, put layers of leaves based compost and wood dust with manure made in regard to 9:1. Compost pile shed with warm water and leave for a week. When the heap is heated to a temperature of 35-40°C, it is shoveled until a homogeneous mass and leave for another 5 days.

Bookmark mushroom plantation.
In mid-May on a selected area around the tree, dig a hole to the roots, which area should be 2 sq. m., depth – 12″ (30 cm) In the case where the roots of trees located on the soil surface or close to the surface, remove only the top layer.
Then fill the pit: a deep – compost to ground level, shallow – alternating layers of compost 4″-5″(10-12 cm) and soil 2″(5-6 cm), while the height of the layers reaches 20″ (50 cm).
In the compost 10″12″ (25-30 cm) prepared hole up to 8″ (20 cm) deep, put them in pieces of mycelium of boletus and covered with soil. Immediately after planting, a plantation watered with water at the rate of 20L per 1 sq. m. and covered with a layer of leaf litter or forest litter.

Caring for mushroom plantation.
The plantation is well fed sugar solution. To prepare the solution take 0.35 oz (10 grams) of sugar per 350 oz (10 liters) of water. Such feeding contribute to the healing of the mycelium.
In the summer it is necessary to carefully ensure that the soil was slightly damp. So the plot periodically watered, especially during the dry and hot weather.
In the winter the land is covered with a layer of leaf litter, straw, moss or twigs, which in spring is clean.

Happy harvest!