Instruction seeds Lavender Officinalis

Before sowing, the seeds need to be stratified.

  • Sow lavender seeds from February to July on the surface of moist seed compost. Cover the seeds with a sprinkling of vermiculite or finely sieved compost.
  • Place the seed tray in a propagator at 21-25°C (70-75°F) or seal it inside a clear polythene bag until germination, which can be up to 21 days.
  • Keep the compost damp but not wet and do not exclude light as this helps germination. When the seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into 7.5cm (3″) pots and grow lavender plants on in cooler conditions until they are well established. When all risk of frost has passed, gradually acclimatise young lavender plants to outdoor conditions over 7 – 10 days before planting outdoors.
  • After planting lavender it’s important to water regularly during the first growing season until your plants are fully established.

Good harvest!