Instruction how to grow Porcini Mushroom Boletus Kit for Planting

  • Mushrooms grow in symbiosis with a tree.
  • Rake the soil under a tree to form a hole of 2-6 inches is depending on the location of the roots near the soil surface.
  • Spread the mycelium evenly over the entire raked surface. Cover with backyard (or forest) soil mixed with any humus in equal proportion.
    Water with the watering can at the rate of 1 gallons per 5 ft2.
    Sprinkle the ground that was formed during the raking.
  • Cultivation can be done at any time of the year and under any tree species.
  • In a dry period, watering should be done using a watering can at the rate of 1 gallon per 2 ft2.
  • Mushrooms appear 4 times a year – 2 times in the spring and 2 times in the fall, but for the first time no earlier than 2,5 months after cultivation.
    The first harvest will be 10-15 oz./ 10 ft2, and then 5-10 lbs./ 10 ft2.
    The mycelium grows untill tree lives.
  • Every year, in the hot or cold season (when the mushrooms don’t grow), you need to sprinkle the humus evenly at the rate of 30 lbs./ 10 ft2 on the top of the place where mushrooms have cultivated.
  • Indoor, you can try to grow mushrooms in the same way as champignons, but the results will be much worse than on the backyard. The germinating capacity probability will also reduce.

Attention! A very important factor for the successful cultivation of mushrooms is the acidity of the soil. For the porcini mushroom, the optimum acidity is Ph = 6,5 – 7.

Good harvest!