Instructions how to grow Seeds Cabbage Cauliflower Green

① Cauliflower should be grown as transplants. Six to 8 weeks prior to setting outside, place a few seeds in 4″ (10 cm) pots in sterile seed mix. Place pots in a warm spot with good air ventilation, strong sunlight and even moisture.

② When 3 true leaves emerge, move to individual containers, feeding lightly. Gradually accustom seedlings to the outdoors when the danger of heavy frost has passed. Plant out only after temperatures have reached 60°F (15°C), but before they have reached 80°F (27°C).

③ Cauliflower is a fairly heavy feeder: amend the soil by adding compost. Work in organic fertilizer under each transplant and water well. To protect the color of the Cauliflower head, fold over one of the big leaves or tie leaves together gently.

Good harvest!