Instructions how to grow Seeds Carrot Red Giant

  • Plan to plant seeds outdoors 3 to 5 weeks before the last spring frost date.
  • Tip: Plant additional seeds every 3 weeks or so for multiple harvests.
  • Plant carrot seeds 8-10 cm (3 to 4 inches) apart in rows. Rows should be at least a foot apart.
  • Carrots are slow to germinate. They may take 3 or more weeks to show any signs of life, so don’t panic if your carrots don’t appear right away!
  • Keep the soil moist, not wet, but don’t let it dry out, either.
  • Carrots are best grown in full sunlight, but can tolerate a moderate amount of shade.
  • Gently mulch to retain moisture, speed germination, and block the sun from hitting the roots directly.
  • Once plants are an 2.5′ (1-inch) tall, thin so that they stand 8 cm (3 inches) apart.
  • Carrots should be mature and ready for harvest after about 2–4 months, or when they reach at least ½ inch in diameter. You may harvest whenever desired maturity is reached.

Good harvest!