Instructions how to grow Seeds Eggplant Sailor

  1. Eggplant is very picky about heat and moisture. It grows best at temperatures of + 22–30 ° C. In the heat, the plants begin to fall flowers, and at a temperature below +12 ° C – they cease to develop.
  2. Eggplant germinates a little longer than a tomato — 9–10 days, and then it grows slowly. During the entire seedling period, water the plants with warm water, do not overfill, and do not place containers near the window itself.
  3. To loosen the soil in the pots should be especially careful. Before planting the seedlings, when the buds are beginning to form, the soil cannot be dried, and on the eve of the planting abundant watering is needed.
  4. When picking and planting eggplant retains the roots as much as possible. When picking, seedlings are buried by 5–7 mm. Eggplants are planted at the age of 70–80 days, at the onset of stable warm weather. Naturally, in the greenhouse you can get a harvest earlier. Eggplant gets accustomed to about 20 days.
  5. At optimum temperatures, harvesting is carried out 20–35 days after flowering.
  6. For even ripening, eggplants are harvested regularly, every 5 days. It is impossible to be late with the harvest, because the fruits turn white and lose quality. You can still remove them solid. After lying for a week, they soften. It is better to cut them with a knife or shears, and not tear them off.

Good harvest!