Instructions how to grow Seeds Marigolds Tagetes Madjestic

Marigold seeds must be germinated before planting.
Wrap the seeds in a slightly dampened cotton cloth. A cloth lies on a saucer, which is then wrapped in a plastic bag. Seeds will germinate only in a warm place after a couple of days. Everything, the material is ready for planting.

  • On the selected and pre-prepared area with a hoe, grooves are made with a depth of 1 ‘(2 cm). Here seeds are laid and sprinkled with earth. A layer of earth is approximately 0.5 ‘(1 cm).
  • The first marigold sprouts will appear in a week. Look at the seedlings – if, with the appearance of several leaves on the stems, they begin to squeeze each other, it is better to plant the sprouts.

Good harvest!