Instructions how to grow Seeds Mushroom Maitake Mycelium

Submerge an oak log that is 3 feet in length and 6 inc in width in cold water and soak it for two hours.
Drill 25 to 30 holes in the log, using a drill fitted with a five-sixteenths-inch bit. Make the holes 1/2 inches deep.
Fill each hole by mycelium and insert one 1-inch-long oak dowel inoculated with maitake mushroom spawn in each of the drilled holes.
Tap the oak dowels in the holes with a rubber mallet.Position the log in a damp outdoor area, on two bricks to suspend it above the ground, or rest it upright against a wall. Keeping the log elevated prevents foreign mushroom spawn from colonizing.
Water the log at two-week intervals; the log should feel moist, but not wet, at all times. Allow a minimum of six months for the maitakes to show visible signs of growth.
Soaking in ice water for 24 hours creates an environment in the log that prompts the mushrooms to react as if it were spring when removed.

Happy harvest!