Instructions how to grow Seeds Mushroom Podberezovik Boletus Mycelium

The best time for planting is between May to end of August.
From the plot it is necessary to remove all the debris and other stuff. Further on the plot to dig 3 holes for seeds. The optimum diameter of the hole is 4′ (10 cm), and the depth of 8′ (20 cm). The wells should be placed around the circumference of the tree. Birch, around which will multiply the mushrooms must have age from 4 years.
In the summer, to the proliferation of fungi was successful, need to maintain moisture around plantings. With this aim planted the mycelium of boletus can be covered with a layer of straw on 8′-16′ (20-40 cm), but it needs to keep moist and during the season to hydrate.
To increase the germination of fungi at suburban station, is recommended for irrigation in the future, use of drugs containing multiple cultures of beneficial microorganisms. These drugs will provide 40-70% more yield.
Upon the occurrence of the first frost and for the whole period of the winter the site where the manufactured planting, need to cover with straw. The radius of such a shelter — up to 80′ (2 meters). In addition to straw, is also used twigs, moss, leaf litter. With the advent of heat the material is required to remove.

Happy harvest!