Instructions how to grow Seeds Tomato Black Prince

  1. Start tomato seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost of spring, sowing the seeds in a flat 1/4″ (8 cm) deep and 1″ (30 cm) apart. Keep the temperature at 20 °C (70-75 F) until germination, as well as providing adequate light in a sunny window.
  2.  Keep the soil moist, but make sure drainage is adequate. When the second set of leaves emerges, transplant the seedlings into individual pots; bury the stems up to the lowest set of leaves to grow strongly rooted plants.
  3. Set transplants outdoors in the shade for a couple of hours the first day. Gradually increase the amount of time your plants are outside each day to include some direct sunlight.
  4.  Transplant after last spring frost when the soil is warm. Plant transplants about 2 feet (60 cm) apart.
  5.  Pinch off a few of the lower branches on transplants, and plant the root ball deep enough so that the remaining lowest leaves are just above the surface of the soil.

Good harvest!