Seeds Mushroom Golden Chanterelle Kit for Planting


  • All our seeds are Non-GMO and organic.
  • The seed stock was grown up in the fertile Ukrainian soil in clean ECOLOGICAL AREA’S.
  • Each package of seeds is provided with detailed planting instructions.
  • All seeds are professionally packed and labeled. The seeds are certified by the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.


Chanterelle yellow got its name due to the characteristic color by analogy with fox color. This feature is due to its high content of carotene.
The diameter of the hat varies from 1′-4′ (2 – 12 cm). The shape of the fruit body is similar to the hat-legs, but the leg merges with the hat and is a single whole.
The shape of the hat is concave-open and convex.
The surface of the hat is matte, smooth. The peel from the pulp is difficult to separate.
The pulp is fleshy, dense, in the leg it is fibrous, yellow in color. The taste of the pulp is slightly sour, and the smell resembles the aroma of dried fruit or roots. When pressed on the pulp, it becomes a little reddish.
The leg is smooth, dense, downwards it becomes narrower. The length of the legs varies from 1,5′-3′ (4 to 7 cm), and the thickness is 0,5′-1,5′ (1-3 cm).
Chanterelles used in food make it possible to restore vision, reduce dry eyes, prevent inflammation and increase resistance to a variety of infectious diseases.

Package includes: 0.35 oz


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