Seeds Mushroom Maitake Mycelium


  • All our seeds are Non-GMO and organic.
  • The seed stock was grown up in the fertile Ukrainian soil in clean ECOLOGICAL AREA’S.
  • Each package of seeds is provided with detailed planting instructions.
  • All seeds are professionally packed and labeled. The seeds are certified by the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.


Maitake mushrooms range in size from small to very large, averaging 3-15 pounds, but can grow up to 100 pounds. Each cap is smooth, velvety, and soft with wavy edges, and their color varies from pure white, tan, to brown depending on how much sunlight they receive prior to harvest.

About useful properties of this mushroom Chinese medicine men (let’s call them so) was known many centuries ago. Somehow, modern medicine has long ignored the multiple stories and the healing possibilities Meytake and took up the study of only a few decades ago. Who knows, if this had happened before, now would have been a much more detailed study of the mushroom and to discover new properties.

As for the already known, they are as follows:

  • Fungus resists viruses, bacteria, detrimental effect on hepatitis C virus and;
  • Reduces inflammation, tumor;
  • Improves immunity;
  • Helps women during menopause;
  • Normalizes the nervous system;
  • Improves mood;
  • Prevents the degeneration of a malignant tumor;
  • Breaks down fat;
  • Reduces pressure;
  • Helps with diabetes;
  • Struggling with malignant and benign tumors;
  • The combined use of Maitake and the current methods of cancer treatment provides effective results (proven by experts);
  • Regenerates the liver;
  • Acts as a prophylactic against SARS, influenza, smallpox and other viral diseases;
  • Allows to cope with tuberculosis;
  • Eliminate chronic fatigue;
  • Helps to strengthen the bones, therefore beneficial for the elderly;
  • Effectively reduces weight.

Package includes: 0.35 oz