Seeds Mushroom Shiitake Imperial Black Mycelium


  • All our seeds are Non-GMO and organic.
  • The seed stock was grown up in the fertile Ukrainian soil in clean ECOLOGICAL AREA’S.
  • Each package of seeds is provided with detailed planting instructions.
  • All seeds are professionally packed and labeled. The seeds are certified by the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.


Shiitake mushroom has a convex hat in the form of a hemisphere, with a diameter of 2 ‘- 8’ (5 – 20 cm). The peel on the hat is dry, velvety, covered with a few white scales. Hat color from various shades of coffee to brownish brown. With age, the shape of the edible lentinile hat becomes slightly flattened, and its skin in mature mushrooms can crack. In young mushrooms, the edges of the cap are even; in adult mushrooms, the edge is tucked, thin and wavy. The maximum weight of a shiitake can reach 3-4 oz (90-100 g).

Nutrient is a unique mushroom. It has a lot of zinc, complex carbohydrates, called polysaccharides, proteins from mushrooms contain all the essential amino acids needed in our diet, they contain a lot of leucine and lysine.
Mushrooms are richer in amino acids than soy beans, beans, chestnuts or corn. Dried shiitake mushrooms discovered ergosterol. But surprisingly, shiitake is produce vitamin D, ergosterol is converted into vitamin D, if the mushrooms get enough sunlight or the artificial irradiation by ultraviolet rays. The content of vitamin D in shiitake increases 2.5 times after 3 hours exposure to sunlight for the mushroom.

Shiitake mushroom contains amino acids and fiber, which help to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by 45%, speeding up their processing and removing its excess from the body. Shiitake can also lower blood sugar in diabetes, to fight allergies. It favorably affects virtually all body systems. According to Chinese medicine, the consumption of this mushroom increases resistance to stress and increases life expectancy.

Package includes: 0.35 oz