Seeds Pumpkin Queensland Blue Giant


  • All our seeds are Non-GMO and organic.
  • The seed stock was grown up in the fertile Ukrainian soil in clean ECOLOGICAL AREA’S.
  • Each package of seeds is provided with detailed planting instructions.
  • All seeds are professionally packed and labeled. The seeds are certified by the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.


Pumpkin “Queensland blue” comes from Australia. Late-ripening variety – 120-140 days before full maturation. Ripe fruit shape like a beautiful blue-gray or bluish-green turbans. Weight of ripe fruit is 105-180 oz (3-5 kg). Surface of the pumpkins is coarse-grained, skin smooth. Have thick sweet flesh of exceptional flavor and unusual fruity aroma. Mature fruit pulp is painted in a rich bright orange color. Perfectly stored for 5-6 months. For aging requires sunny areas and fertile soils. Responds well to watering and feeding.
Package includes: 0.16 oz (about 5 seeds)